August 18, 2017


Today is our Caboose's 6th birthday!!!

That girl LOVES TV, chocolate milk, candy, yogurt, Princesses, crowns, Mississippi State Bulldogs, selfie taking and so much more! She fiercely loves her sister but won't tell you that. Although, she told Jack the other day that her sister was her best friend. There is truth in that but goodness they FIGHT.

She can push at the same time but she can make it melt away with one puppy dog eyes look or a sweet embrace. She might be a wild one but she sure is pure sweetness.

Oh little one, I can't imagine life without you! My little sidekick!

August 10, 2017

1st Day of School

Today marks the 1st day of school for my kiddos. 1st grade and 5th grade. I am loving these ages as they are so much more independent this year. I was totally that Mom that just dropped them off in the car rider line this am and yelled, "Have a great 1st day." Then drove away.  I'll walk them in another day.  There was ZERO parking and we were early so I told them they could just go on in by themselves. Surprisingly, my oldest was the one that was the saddest about it. The younger one NEVER skipped a beat.  

So here is a pic from before we left home. It was raining outside so they are in our living room. Luckily, it had about stopped raining when we got to school for all those people going in and out.

  She looks like she's trying to call her friends on Mars. 

I've prayed and prayed for our school and our kids for this year. I will continue to do so. Here's to a great school year.