December 9, 2016

Cruise Day 2 and 3 - Sea Day

I LOVE sea days. We sleep in, we eat, we (Read *I*) sunbathe in a chair and read a book! 

Day 2 and 3 were both sea days and they tend to run together. It was much of the same (sleep, sun, read, eat, repeat).

Just LOOK at how calming and relaxing that blue water is!

We ventured around the ship to try and figure out where everything was so we wouldn't get lost (which we did, often!). 

After a good sunny nap, we came back to the room to get dressed for another great dinner. The food on these cruises is interesting. Bland but not bad. And you can eat as much or as little as you'd like. We enjoyed trying some new things. And some old things like chocolate melting cake.

After dinner, we went to the nightly show again. This time, there was a juggler from Mexico who was FANTASTIC. He juggled and was pretty funny too. He juggled with the lights off and the stuff he was juggling all lit up. We really enjoyed this. 

 After that, we went back for more comedy.

Towel animal #2.

I can't get over the views!

We had the most relaxing day at sea today.

If you've ever been on a Carnival cruise, you know that they LOVE to entertain, especially at dinner.

We heard them sing and dance most every night. It was fun to watch. However, some of the songs and dances were the same as when we last cruised 2 years ago. Time to update Carnival!

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