December 1, 2016

Cruise day 1

The last time the hubby and I went on a cruise together was 2 years ago. We had a wonderful time and have been planning this one for over a year. I wanted to try some ports that we had not previously been to and I wanted to go out of New Orleans since it's such a quick drive for us.

We met up with some new/old friends and enjoyed the 90 degree weather when we left. HOT y'all.

Checking out the decks here:

The view from the side of the Serenity deck, which is an adults only area. No kids allowed so it's a little more peaceful. Except that the waterslides are just beside it so little people were always coming up part of the way. The chairs are WAY more comfy on this deck too. CUSHIONS make a big difference.

We did the required muster drill and luckily we sat through this one. On my last 2 cruises, we all had to stand outside on the decks and listen to them. Not fun. But usually quick.

We headed to our room to unpack and get ready for our first dinner as the boat was headed down the Mississippi River!

The first of our towel animals. The kids love seeing pics of these!

After dinner, we headed to the Lounge for night nightly show and then to the Comedy Club. 

Day 1 was a success. Stay tuned for our 1st sea day soon!

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