August 8, 2016

1st Day of School

Today is a big day! It's the 1st day of school!!!  I think it's one of my favorite days of the year (because as a working mom, we don't really get much of a summer break, however, I will be super excited when May rolls around). This year is extra special as both of my girls will be at the same school, finally.

Here we are starting kindergarten and 4th grade. I'm not sure when that happened but I am really starting to love this age.

Big Sister gets up on her own and showers and mostly gets ready on her own. Little Sister is usually my hard one to get out of the bed. However, this awesome mom had made cinnamon cake last night so she jumped right out of bed at those words.

In the craziness of the day, I only got a few pics before we left home. No pics with the teachers yet, but I'll get them later. 

I can't wait to hear allllll about it this afternoon. I am sure one will talk my ear off more than the other.

Hoping all of our friends have a great year too.  My only hope for my girls is that they try their best and show love like Jesus.
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