July 22, 2016

Life Lately

Life with these two crazy kiddos is always interesting. They've discovered my Snapchat (yeah I'm slowly learning) and have a great time with that. HAHAHA.

The summer is quickly coming to a close and it's so sad. However, when both your parents work, summer is a bit different. They still have to get up at the crack of dawn and we leave the house at the same time during the summer that we do during the school year.  We have been able to do some fun stuff on the weekends which include lots of movie watching (we found Nemo and Dory y'all!!!) and swimming. Big Sister has enjoyed lots of camps and fun stuff. Little Sister has had fun with her old daycare buddies for one more summer!

School starts in 2 weeks!  They will both be at the same school for the first time ever and I'm pretty pumped at that fact. They will both be upstairs at their school so Big Sister says she's going to help her little sister up the stairs every day. I give it a day, maybe two.

Happy last 2 weeks of summer.