April 7, 2016

It Is Well

Today was a pretty important day for my 9 year old. She was taking a big test this morning that she has to pass in order to move to the 4th grade.  I was more nervous than her.

We skipped church last night (GASP) and went home to play, eat supper, bathe and go to bed early. We got up early and ate a nice, cooked breakfast. We left on time. It was a good morning.

My nerves were not well though. The teachers make it out to be a big deal (which it is) but some of the things that have transpired and been said were out of line to a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds. Too much pressure is placed on them.

I was not even worried about this test until a few weeks ago. Not one bit. Today, I've been a ball of nerves. I'd like to sit on the floor in the fetal position all day. But since I have a job and a car in the shop (yeah, couldn't have picked a better day for that to happen), I can't. I have to function like an adult.

So I prayed. And prayed. For my kid and all the rest of her 3rd graders.

Once I knew the test was over, I could breathe. A little bit. Nothing you can do now.  You can retest if you don't pass it. You work hard and get it done.

My kid is bright. She loves life. She loves the Lord. That's all I can ask.

When the LEAD teacher just posted that the results would be coming home with the students this afternoon, I got all anxious again.  I want to leave work and go pick her up early and celebrate. Or not.

As I was texting other Moms about this, a wonderful reminder came on my Pandora. Y'all?  I sobbed.  Soooooo perfect.

It is well.

Through it all, my eyes are you.
Through it all, it is well.

My eyes are no longer dry.

It IS well.

Edited to post: SHE PASSED. It IS WELL!