January 26, 2016


Welp, I totally missed doing a birthday post for Big Sister's 9th birthday not long ago.

So, better late than never!

Big Sister turned 9 on the 12th.  She's my bossy yet super helpful, fun loving, wears her heart on her sleeve tomboy.

She loves to annoy her sister yet hates when the tables are turned. They are the best of friends and the worst of enemies, depending on the particular moment in time.

She LOVES soccer, which of course, makes my heart super happy! But I know there will come a day when she might not like it and I'm ok with that. Kind of. Ha.  She finally asked me to sign her up for softball so I'm working on that now. I'm interested to see how she likes that.

She's in the 3rd grade and loves school (right now). She finally likes to read but is still not a HUGE fan. She might never be and that's ok. Her sister is the one who loves reading, or being read to.  She is such an artist. She is always drawing something. I bought her 2 doodle books for her birthday. She had seen them at a store in town before Christmas and wanted me to get them for her then. I told her no, knowing I would come back when she wan't with me and buy them!

 Her Daddy was out of town working on her actual birthday so being the super awesome Mama that I am, I went to Kroger and bought one of those bouquets with Dr. Pepper and candy and chips. I wrote a nice little note (from her Daddy) and delivered it to the office after I had lunch with her.  He scored BIG in her eyes. She was pretty upset that he wasn't going to be home on her big day but I totally made it up for him. He still owes me for that one.

We had her birthday party at a fun place called Excalibur in West Monroe, LA. Family and a few friends drove over on a Sunday after church and we had a blast. It was COLD but the kids did not care about that when they rode the go karts a million times. Or until the tickets ran out.  The place was so accommodating and surprisingly affordable. They let the 'birthday girl' spin their wheel at the end of the party. She won 1000 tickets to spend before we left. Know what 1000 tickets buys you at a place like that? Not much. Some blubber, a diary, some suckers, and a few odds and ends. But it was worth it in her mind.