November 23, 2015

New Favorite Place

Daddy was out of town recently so the girls and I went to try our new favorite restaurant in town. It's called 10 South and is owned by a friend of mine that I went to school with.  Hubs and I have been there many times and Big Sister has been begging to go. We got home from her field trip, picked up her sister and we were all starving.  So we went home and changed clothes, then headed up to the rooftop for dinner.  It was a bit chilly so we sat inside. The girls and I both loved (and ate it all) what we had for supper.  Great food, great venue, great atmosphere, great service. Can't ask for much more.  Except maybe for Daddy to be with us but hey, we can't win them all (and don't go feeling bad for him, he was in Starkville)!