August 21, 2015


My baby girl turned 4 on Tuesday, the 18th.  

While, I'm somewhat in denial about it, she's so much fun at this age.  She's soooooo opposite of her sister that sometimes, I don't know what to do with her. She's all things girly!

She had her 4 year check up on Wednesday.  She did great!  She is 42.5 inches tall and weighs only 36.8 pounds, which her Dr. said is fine. She's only gained 3 pounds in one year.  Probably because she eats like a bird and doesn't like much meat.  She got 3 shots and her finger pricked.  She barely shed a tear.  Her reward (yes I bribe, so what?) was her own box of Milk Duds and to go see her new birthday buddy, cousin Luke.

So we did just that!  She LOVED holding baby Luke. And she told everyone at the clinic that she was going to see him.

And her sister had to get in on the action some.

Then I took him back to get some cuddles and we sent them outside.

 (This was technically on Tuesday, when I didn't take my kids to meet Luke!)

I went to eat lunch with her at 'big school' and they sang the birthday song to her, twice!  Her sweet teacher led it one time and then her awesome after school teacher (who has known me since I was probably 10?) wanted to sing it again since she missed it.

She acted all shy and quiet. Then came running to me saying, "They ALL sang to ME!"  She is the sweetest thing.

She also had her very first real dance class on her birthday. Since she's the Princess, she's been asking about being a ballerina. She is taking a combo class which is ballet and tap.  This is uncharted waters for this tomboy mom who also has a tomboy daughter.  But we are LOVING it.  She's so petite and comes home to 'teach' me and her Sister what they learned in class.

Oh Baby Sister, how I love you. You are my hugger, my lover, my cuddler.  You love all things pink and purple and sparkly.  You say that one day you will marry your best buddy Whitt. As much as I would love that, you can't marry your cousin!  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your great big giant caring heart!

Happy 4th birthday to the one who completes our family!

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