May 15, 2015

Music Friday

It's been a while since I posted anything. And especially about music.

This song has been such a comfort lately. It brings me to tears every time I hear it.

There is a sweet high school senior here in our hometown that is battling an awful cancer.  AWFUL. And has been for the past year. She is sooooo full of life and is always smiling. Her (and her family's) faith has not been shattered but has shown through all the yuck and unknowns.

They have started a prayer group on Facebook.  The family's one request right now is that she is well enough to graduate from high school one week from today.  Our little community (and beyond) have been fervently praying for this amazing family for the past year and especially the past week.

So if you could spare a moment, please say a prayer for Afton and her family.  They feel God's arms wrapped around them but this fight is not easy.

But you know what?  The cross is enough. 

No matter the bumps, no matter the bruises, no matter the scars, still the truth is
The cross has made you FLAWLESS!

No matter the hurt, or how deep the wound is, no matter the pain, still the truth is
The cross has made you FLAWLESS!

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