May 21, 2015

Field Day

I know I'm way behind in posting, well, anything but here are some pictures from Field Day. We had to reschedule it about 3 times due to to weather. I'm so glad we start planning it for earlier in the year so we have lots of days to make it up, just in case.

Big Sister has never lost a field day. She came close this year but they squeaked by.  We don't really care who wins (the teachers do!) but we are happy to see everyone having a good time.

I am always happy to see Big Sister with her class and her friends.  This year has not been an easy one for her, yet she thrives socially.  I'm happy that she has friends of all shapes, sizes, and color!

Ok, here are 'just a few' pictures from the day!

Best buds

Before the day started, it was a little chilly!

Winners in the end!

Her 1st grade teacher sings Mandisa's "Good Morning Song" with her class every year. This year, she invited all her former students to sing too.  We love that lady and sad to say she is retiring.  But excited she'll be teaching a nephew in a year!

My tomboy shooting hoops!

She is fast too!

We had a great day! I'm so thankful to be able to watch her participate.  Even if she makes me pull my hair out.
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