April 8, 2015

Visit with Best Friends

During the first weekend of Spring Break, my best friend and 3 of her 4 girls + one BFF (her oldest was in Guatemala for a mission trip over her 18th birthday!) were coming closer to us for a wonderful, heartfelt mission project.  We drove over on Sunday afternoon to meet up with them for supper.  I didn't tell Big Sister who we were going to meet, just that she had a surprise at supper.  She was SO EXCITED when she realized it was her best buddies from Starkville!

We ate at Five Guys and Lisa and I sat and talked for a good 2 hours.  Man, that did my soul good!  The girls are such good friends that they went out on the sidewalk and played and played and played.  Baby Sister stayed inside (it was starting to sprinkle) and played with the big kids. One is my sweet Goddaughter.

When we left to head back home, Big Sister exclaimed that 2 hours just wasn't enough time with them.  I had to agree with her.  We hope to see them soon!

 My sweet Goddaugher, who needs to STOP growing up. 


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