April 9, 2015

Run Thru History

In March 2014, I walked the Run Thru History 5K.  I'm not a walker and declared that next year, I would run the 10K.  If you know anything about the National Military Park, you know that it's HILLY.  This challenge was tough but I was up for it. Totally motivating.

After a year of running, it was time.  March 2015.  Even though I had slacked off some over the holidays and with all the cold/wet weather, I was ready.  I was ready to finish it and move on.

My best friend, Katrina, came to town for a nice GNO the night before and do run the race with me.  So thankful for her as she kept me distracted and not thinking about the race and getting all anxious.


Unfortunately, she wasn't able to finish thanks to a bum knee that didn't enjoy all the hills.

A few ladies from work did the 5K walk and were awesome!  They were there to cheer me on at the end too.

A running buddy of mine was sick and could not compete.  But she was there (pink jacket below) to cheer us on and her hubby ran an amazing race.  So glad to have cultivated these friendships.

I finished with a new 10K PR of 1:04:36.  Not the best time but I'll take it.  And I defeated the 5 hills on the course.  And that monkey is off my back. And now I want to go back next year and do it in under 1 hour.  Tall order so I must stick to it!
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