April 15, 2015


Easter seemed to creep up on me this year. I had ordered some cute Easter shirts many, many months ago when they were on sale.  

But after that, I sort of forgot about Easter outfits.  The closer it got to the holiday weekend, the more I decided that Easter is not about matching clothes. It's not about the Easter bunny (although, our bunny was cheap this year and bought pre-made baskets at Kroger that had very little candy!).

Easter is a time of remembrance and reverence. 

We were just excited that all 4 of us would actually be at church together on Easter Sunday!

We had a nice breakfast, followed by some pictures.

We have a guy at our church that built this tomb and it was pretty cool.  Our children's director did a skit of what it was like as the one that found that tomb empty on the 3rd day!  I got chills!!!

Easter is such an important day/holiday.  It's become so much of a commercial holiday.  It's all about candy and clothes.

I've been there.  I am sure I will be there again.

But this year was different.  I'm not sure why.  I guess because my kids are getting older and I have even more desire to 'train them up.'  


       I was a weepy mess this Easter.  The music was amazing and seeing how                             much my kids love going to church warms my heart.  

Our church also offered a free photo since everyone is always dressed up.  We took one just because we were all there at the same time.

And you know, we clash, horribly (cue Daddy in his bright orange) but that's how our family is, we are all unique.  To each his own. My girls are SOOOO different.  The hubby and I are so different and it all works.

For that, I am thankful.

We went to the park to let the kids run off some steam before the rain started.  We met some cousins and friends and the adults ate while the kids played.

After the rain started, we headed out to Mom and Dad's for our annual family gathering!  We love hanging out with this side of the 'family' and are always saying we need to get together more than once a year.  We were all actually (most of us) together for Dad's 70th surprise supper back in January.

The weather was awful but the fellowship was sweet. We only managed a few pics as it was rainy and crazy with all these kiddos.

So thankful for a fun-filled, meaningful Easter celebration.

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