March 31, 2015

Spring Break

So Spring Break this year was WET.  I think it rained every single day.  No fun!

I took off on Friday so I could take the girls for pizza and a movie.  A movie is always Big Sister's reward for making honor roll.  They had been asking and asking to go see Cinderella.  Yes, my tomboy wanted to see it.  

We started out with pizza and ice cream at Sal and Mookies, one of our favorite places.

Then we made it to the theater, only to hear that show was sold out. Luckily, the next one was in an hour and still had tickets available.  It was ok until I had to try and entertain 2 kids who had been locked up inside for almost a week. 2 active kids.  Then they didn't want the snacks I smuggled (or they had eaten them all already, but whatever) so I left them with my friend, Anna, to go buy some over priced popcorn. I think every single soul from Pearl, Brandon, Clinton, etc. was in that line for popcorn.  

They are sweet to each other, sometimes.

 Anna, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my wild kids.  Yours were so sweet and polite and mine acted like they had never been in public before!

We loved the movie and would go back to see it again. Baby Sister did really good for her first movie theater experience.  Even when she yelled out YUCK when Cinderella and the Prince almost kissed!

We laughed but it made me happy.  The only boy kisses she will ever give is to her Daddy, Papaw and Pawpaw! EVER.

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