March 31, 2015

Spring Break

So Spring Break this year was WET.  I think it rained every single day.  No fun!

I took off on Friday so I could take the girls for pizza and a movie.  A movie is always Big Sister's reward for making honor roll.  They had been asking and asking to go see Cinderella.  Yes, my tomboy wanted to see it.  

We started out with pizza and ice cream at Sal and Mookies, one of our favorite places.

Then we made it to the theater, only to hear that show was sold out. Luckily, the next one was in an hour and still had tickets available.  It was ok until I had to try and entertain 2 kids who had been locked up inside for almost a week. 2 active kids.  Then they didn't want the snacks I smuggled (or they had eaten them all already, but whatever) so I left them with my friend, Anna, to go buy some over priced popcorn. I think every single soul from Pearl, Brandon, Clinton, etc. was in that line for popcorn.  

They are sweet to each other, sometimes.

 Anna, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with my wild kids.  Yours were so sweet and polite and mine acted like they had never been in public before!

We loved the movie and would go back to see it again. Baby Sister did really good for her first movie theater experience.  Even when she yelled out YUCK when Cinderella and the Prince almost kissed!

We laughed but it made me happy.  The only boy kisses she will ever give is to her Daddy, Papaw and Pawpaw! EVER.

March 28, 2015

Baby Sitter?

So it turns out that Big Sister is actually a good babysitter!  She helps with her Sister but when it comes to her cousin Tate, she is super helpful!  She loves to tote him around and make him giggle and sing songs from the Odd Squad.

We kept him one morning (during high school basketball championship games, Go East Webster!) and she took over.  I didn't have anything to do so I watched the game, while keeping an eye on them.

It was so fun to watch!  She adores him but I think it's mutual.

Baby Sister?  Super jealous.  She just wanted me to entire time. I'm ok with that.

Just look at those grins! I could eat them up!

Hopefully, Tate will come visit us again soon!!!!!!

March 26, 2015

Wait? What's This???

A BLOG POST!  What?  Turn down for what????

I know, I know, it's as shocking as it sounds.

We've really been working on managing our time with work, kids, church, and other activities and the blog fell by the wayside. I will not apologize but I have become one of those bloggers I used to talk about all the time!

So, for updates (if anybody cares!), Big Sister turned 8 years old. EIGHT.  I know, 8 is awful.  She's growing by leaps and bounds. We've made great strides over the past few weeks as I think we have found her issue. We are headed to the Dr. next week to try and confirm.  I'm thinking it's just a reaction to red dye found in most EVERYTHING she eats and drinks.  She goes crazy (like crazy fits a 2 year old might have) when she's been on that stuff!  So, we read labels better and try our best to stay away from it.  And I can tell a big improvement.

Baby Sister is still just as sweet as she can be. She gives hugs freely but mostly to her Mama! She is a MAMA'S girl and I love that.  She is loving school but can't wait to be at 'big school' with her Sissy (year after next).  She is pretty tall and petite for her age but I don't know her stats.  She can write her name and tell you her letter!  She loves to sing and entertain.

As for Mom and Dad, we work like crazy, then shuffle kids from place to place and try to spend some time together in between.  We are looking forward to our next date night April 10th.  Yes, I know the day. The shutdown will be over (we hope) and we are going out to celebrate with steaks!

As for Daddy, he has the flu right now. He's a big ole baby but we love him anyway.  Maybe one day he will learn to listen to his wife and GO TO THE DOCTOR.  Men!  Now, honey, DON'T SHARE!

This past month, I was able to tackle one of my biggest fears, yet something I've always wanted to do.  I completed the Run Thru History in the Vicksburg National Military Park.  This was a race I've always wanted to run but you have to be in darn good shape to do it.  I'm not in as good a shape as I was before the holidays but I knew it was now or never. My sweet friend Katrina came along to run with me. Unfortunately she had to drop out halfway through because of a bum knee.  And luckily, I had a running buddy waiting for me at the end (she was sick and couldn't race, bummer!).  it was not an easy course AT ALL but I did it. I finished and actually had a PR for a 10K. Granted, I've only run 2 of them but still.  I was proud to get that monkey of my back.

That is the latest on our household.  I can't promise I will get back to blogging regularly but I do want to go back and document a few things from the last few months.  Oh, and things like I'm getting another NEPHEW.  Sweet Bradley is finally getting that baby brother he wanted! Luke Mitchell will be here in August.