January 12, 2015

8th Birthday

Today is Big Sister's 8th birthday. So technically at 4:39 pm, she will be 8 years of age.  It has sometimes crept by but overall it has flown by.

I will have to say that this year has been the best year BY FAR.  Granted, she has the sassy attitude of a 16 year old, but she's a great student who is on the honor roll and is the GATES program.  She is FULL of life and never wants to stay at home but always wants someone close to her.  She doesn't like being alone and thrives on being the center of attention, aka, THE LOUDEST.  And yes, no clue where that comes from.

She had a great sleepover with 3 of her friends before school started back from the holidays.  This was our first time having one at home. Man, it was loud. But super easy on my part as she planned every minute of it and just told me what to buy for food and drinks!


 She also told me she wanted a cinnamon cake for her birthday cake.  This did not go over as well for her friends but she and her sister were elated! 

They played games.

She opened a few presents. I really debated about this.  She's given away her presents from her parties since her 4th birthday.  Since we weren't doing anything big, I decided it was ok this year since she would only get 3 things.  We talked about it and since she was already doing another good deed, we agreed it was ok.  But, after Christmas this year and her somewhat ungrateful attitude, I almost regretted that decision.

However, she got 3 great presents that she is still using.  She got tons of art and drawing supplies.

She got basically the Charades version of Heads Up. Which they played that night.  It was hilarious.  

She got markers and suncatchers.

The sketch book above she used this weekend to start her 'book.'  She's not been allowed to watch TV or play on her tablet since mid-week due to aforementioned attitude so all weekend she was forced to find something else to do.  She started writing and illustrating a book about a bad boy.  She has her table of contents and the first 2 chapters done.  I'm seriously impressed with her skills.

And these color on slipper with a BFF journal and more markers.

 It was a miracle that only 1 small thing got broken as there were MANY pillow fights and dances! As you can see from the pics, they were NEVER STILL.

Then they had a 'fashion show.'  I have no idea who this girly girl was that night but it was funny!

Even though this first-born of ours drives us bonkers most of the time, she's pretty special.  She has a HUGE heart and made one of the biggest decisions of her life this year.  She was saved back in April and baptized in May.  There is NOTHING better than knowing the salvation of your child.

She is also the BEST big sister. She is a TRUE big sister and loves to pester.  Most of the time, she does it just to irritate her sister.  But when push comes to shove, Little Sister will tell you 'Sissy' is her #1 girl!  (Even though it comes out as guuwl).

Happy 8th birthday my sweet girl.  I hope you lose that attitude and find your manners again.  

May the year of 8 bring great joy, wonderful friendships, fun times and a TON of laughter and smiles.

I love you, forever and ever and ever!

She made me take the above pic of showing how she 'wasn't sure how to show she was 8!'

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