December 31, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 6 - At Sea

The last full day of our cruise was a 'Sea Day.' Bobby and I had planned where we would set up to get maximum sun for the entire day.  This was such a laid back day and I did a LOT of reading and napping.  Oh, I have dreams of days like this!


We enjoyed the show at dinner where the wait staff all sang "Leaving on a cruise ship" and we found out that one of the waiter's (from the Philippines) wife had given birth to TWINS that day (or the day before).  Since Lisa has twins, she found him after dinner to ask about them and to see pictures.  He didn't have any yet.  He said they would Skype later.  So sad. And he would be on the ship for another 3 months before going home to see them. Perspective.

We went to the final show, which was BY FAR, the best.  Basically, it was 80's rock. Right up mine and Lisa's alley!

The cast came out after the show to take some pics.  They were a fun group. We got to see some of them in Grand Turk at Jack's Shack.

We hung out and listened to some music, then went to pack up so we could get off the ship first thing in the morning. Boo!

Here are a few pics of inside the ship.

Our messy room!

We had a GREAT time with our best friends.  It was relaxing to literally unplug for 5-6 days.  We missed our kids and I am sure my parents were happy to see us come home but I think every couple needs to enjoy some 'couple' time so you don't get lost between kids' activities, etc.  So when you become empty nesters, you don't have to relearn everything about each other.

We are so thankful that we have family that are willing to take care of our girls for an entire week.  This would not have been possible without them! So thanks Mom and Dad!  We appreciate it more than you know.

On the LOONNNGG drive home, the boys were already googling our next trip. Which won't be any time soon.  My piggy bank needs to rest up.  Maybe Disney in a few years...
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