November 24, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 3 - At Sea

I lied.  I will write about our day at sea, just so I can remember it!

After our slightly boring trip to Nassau, I was excited to just get some sun and relax some more.  Mission accomplished.

Bobby was up early every day and got some great shots!

When I got up hours before the hubby, I decided to try out the running track.  I wasn't sure how running on a moving ship would be, but it wasn't all that bad.  At least this day.  

This was my view while running on the open seas.

After a 3.5 mile run on a .1 mile track (BORING), I went to eat and shower. Then it was time to RELAX.

Like this:

All day long.

We also tested out the water slides this day.  It was HIGH and windy (read COLD) but totally worth it.  You can race your opponent and it times you so you know who the real winner is at the end!

We went to dinner with our friends, then to the comedy show, then to dinner. Pretty much the same each night.  Watched a few idiots sing Karaoke too.

These two idiots sang Shania's 'Feel Like a Women' and dedicated it to their wives. It was a trainwreck but the dancing kids made it more bearable to watch.

Next up, St. Thomas!

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