November 17, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 2 - Nassau, Bahamas

I was sooo excited about this day because, well, BAHAMAS.  Hubby and I had never been to any of these ports so we were excited to see some new things.

I was disappointed.  It was still pretty cold and the area of Nassau that we docked at was NOT attractive.  So if you ever cruise to Nassau, take an excursion or a taxi to Atlantis or somewhere else.


We went through Straw Market because we'd heard that was the thing to do. Nope, would skip that too.  I'm not all about people hounding me to shop with them.  There wasn't anything in there worth buying and they were all yelling at you to come take a look!

We went to Junkanoo Beach which was not terrible.  The sand was weird but we made the best of it. Got some good pictures.  But I was freezing.  Bundled up with my toes in the sand. HA.



See me wrapped up in my cover up? Yeah, cold.

We ended up not staying out long.  We were only in port for like 4 hours so not really much time to do anything.  Hubby and I headed back to the boat about 2 hours early. 

Our friends ended up at Senor Frog, where they had Wi-Fi and Bobby felt right at home.

We ate and watched people on the boat. My favorite thing to do.  I read some while he walked around.  I ended up reading 2 and a half books on this trip!

We had our first 'formal' night this night.  We don't really do formal like some do.  The food was pretty good at formal night so we enjoyed that. And the company.



We went to the first show which was a Latin show.  It was pretty good. Then we went down to the Punchliner Comedy Club (by George Lopez).  The place wasn't that big and you had to wait in line to get in but I was ok with that.  Hubby not as much.  I think this was the night we actually went to 2 comedy shows.  I'm already forgetting and it's only been a week!

Next up is a day at sea so there aren't many pics from that.  So, next up will be St. Thomas. A RAINY St. Thomas.
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