November 13, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 1

Well, the day finally came. The vacation we've had scheduled since LAST October (2013) arrived.

We met up with Lisa and Bobby in Jackson and headed on to Port Canaveral, FL on Halloween morning.  Wow, talk about a long drive.  At least the company was nice.  Well, most of it.  The last hour or so was pretty, um, stinky.

After approximately 247 stops, we made it to our hotel about midnight.  We slept and got up to eat breakfast and then head over to our reserved parking spot for the week.  We made one last stop in Dollar General for last minute supplies in case we forgot anything!

We parked and were shuttled to the port.  They were behind from getting all the people off the ship so we could all board.  We got in line and went through security and filled out our papers saying we had not been exposed to Ebola anywhere. Yep, new step. Don't blame them since they had a passenger exposed 2 weeks before us (not the same ship, just same Cruise line).

Then, we waited for them to call our number.  We really didn't have to wait too long.

Once we boarded, we dropped off a few things at our room that wasn't quite ready and headed to the Lido deck.

That's where hamburger #1 happened.  In case you didn't know, the Sunshine has a whole area of Guy's Burgers.  You could get regular ones and add your own stuff or you could order one of his signature burgers.  They were pretty good.  So good, I think my husband ate at least 2 a day.  And they had the good homemade fries with them.  Yummy.

This Disney ship was at Port beside us and went to at least 2 of 3 of the same ports we did.

We toured the ship and hung out on the Serenity Deck (no kids allowed!) until the time when they make you do the drill to tell you where to go and what to do in an emergency.

It was a little windy. And cold.

Apparently one of these photos made it on ESPN!  A friend of Lisa's sent her a screen shot of her TV.  Lisa had Instagrammed and Tweeted it to them.

After that, we headed straight for the EA Sports Bar.  We wanted to make sure they would show the MSU-Ark game.  And we wanted to make sure we had a seat.  So we watched us sail away from inside the bar.  Along with a ton of FL and West VA fans.  Once their games were over, it cleared out and we had front row seats.  I can't say that it was an enjoyable experience.  BUT, it was another W.  We met some nice people from Georgia who are big Auburn fans. They watched the Auburn-Ole Miss game while we watched ours, which was more fun to watch.  Except when Treadwell got hurt. I could not watch that.


After the game, we were exhausted.  The sweet bartender from Serbia had been talking to us the entire game and he wanted to ring Bobby's cowbell sooooo bad. We finally let him, and of course, took his picture.

I don't even remember what else we did after the game.  We were mentally exhausted.  I think we went to eat and then went to bed.

Up next, Nassau, Bahamas!
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