November 25, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 4 - St. Thomas

After a fun day at sea, we had a later dock time for St. Thomas.  I was pretty excited about this day.  A lady I used to be an advertising sales rep for now works at a place (and lives) in St. Thomas. I was hoping to get to her shop and eat at a restaurant close by there but that didn't happen.  More on that below.

Since this was a later dock day, I headed up early (ok, between 8-9, that's early for vacation, right?) to get a good run in on the track. As soon as I started, the bottom fell out.  I mean, completely.  So I headed inside to the gym.  I picked an elliptical and watched it flood outside our windows.  I was NOT excited about this rain.  It wasn't a little rain either, it was flooding. Or maybe it just looks like that when in the middle of an ocean.  Our arrival to port time was backed up some due to weather so I ended up watching the end of 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' while on the treadmill.  The comedy we had seen the night before ended up getting on the elliptical right beside me!  He was a super nice guy and I kept wanting to take a selfie with him but he was struggling and I was nasty sweaty.

After a shower and lunch, I headed up to the deck so I could watch us dock into port. This is when I learned that at each port, another person hops on the ship and 'parks' the boat at their port.  It was neat to see and learn all that.

The rain had died down some so we were able to get lots of pictures.  Hubby decided where we would build our house on the side of the 'hill' when we moved to St. Thomas.


This 'rock' in the above picture is the same one in the below picture. You can see just how close we came to that mass of land!  It was so green and beautiful, even under rainy skies.

Once we were docked and approved to get off, we headed down.  We found out that every taxi/cab ride would cost you $8 per person no matter where you went on the island.  It's government regulated.  So none of them were hassling you to get in their van.  We had a great tour guide/driver that told us all about where she grew up and still lived.  Did you know there are no animals, well livestock, on that island?  They are all on another one close by.  Too hilly/mountainous terrain.  And all their food and supplies are shipped into them.  She was awesome!

She drove us to Magen's Bay Beach which was gorgeous (and only cost us $4 each, well after an $8 per person cab ride).  Well, it would have been if the weather had cooperated.  We were able to get in and swim for maybe an hour at the most. Ever try swimming in the ocean while it's lightening?  Yeah, I can mark that off the bucket list.  If it had been on there, which it was not.

We quickly decided to ride back to the boat with some other Sunshine travelers.  Talk about a wild ride.  It was POURING at this point.  We could see the road out the side of the truck we were riding in the back of and all you could see was inches of water flowing down their tiny roads.  Miserable.'

Once we got back on the boat, we showered and got dry after being wet most of the day.  We had dinner with our friends, then to the show of the night and the comedy show.  I think this was the night the magician was the main show.  He was really, really good.  The boys chose not to attend this one. Their loss.

Needless to say, I didn't make it by to visit my friend.  But, we had a fun time there, however short it was.  I've heard that if we go back, we should take an excursion or something that takes you to St. John's island, which is even more beautiful. 

Next up, San Juan, Puerto Rico!

November 24, 2014

Carnival Sunshine Day 3 - At Sea

I lied.  I will write about our day at sea, just so I can remember it!

After our slightly boring trip to Nassau, I was excited to just get some sun and relax some more.  Mission accomplished.

Bobby was up early every day and got some great shots!

When I got up hours before the hubby, I decided to try out the running track.  I wasn't sure how running on a moving ship would be, but it wasn't all that bad.  At least this day.  

This was my view while running on the open seas.

After a 3.5 mile run on a .1 mile track (BORING), I went to eat and shower. Then it was time to RELAX.

Like this:

All day long.

We also tested out the water slides this day.  It was HIGH and windy (read COLD) but totally worth it.  You can race your opponent and it times you so you know who the real winner is at the end!

We went to dinner with our friends, then to the comedy show, then to dinner. Pretty much the same each night.  Watched a few idiots sing Karaoke too.

These two idiots sang Shania's 'Feel Like a Women' and dedicated it to their wives. It was a trainwreck but the dancing kids made it more bearable to watch.

Next up, St. Thomas!