October 21, 2014

MSU vs. Auburn

My beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs are having a heck of a year in football. I'm not sure anyone really saw this coming, except maybe Dan Mullen.  I'm so excited for them and for what it has done for our football program and university.

We hadn't made plans to go to any football games this year due to soccer and vacation and many other activities.  But when your college roommate tells you she is flying in from DC for the Auburn game and you haven't seen her since she got married 4 years ago, you change your plans and drive 3 hours to see her.

Even after running a 5 miles race and dropping your phone and shattering it so you can't use it.  Thanks to my awesome SIL for letting me use her phone for the weekend. It was not the same but at least it was communication.

Hello, do you know anybody's phone # without looking at your phone?  Yeah, me either.  Not many anyway.

After the most comical of days, I made it to Starkville to see how crazy campus was.  Game Day was there (albeit was over by then) but you could tell how the atmosphere was and just how many people were there.

They were already packing it up by the time we got to it.

I didn't have a ticket to the game and considering my BFF sold her 2 tickets for $700, I couldn't afford a ticket!  So I went to her house and watched in. Where it was cool and DRY.  It was a wet game.

Once the victory was in the books (WHEW), I headed back to campus to meet up with the old roommate.  There will still TONS of people on campus. It was good to see so many old friends.

But the best part was seeing 2 BFFs in one day!

I'm so happy I got to see and spend some time with Betsy.  And you can see by her shirt that the game was rather wet.

It was a loooong and exhausting weekend (and a sad one, RIP to my phone that has since been replaced) but totally worth changing my plans last minute for.  I just hope another 4 years doesn't go by before I see her again.

OH, and on Friday night, I got to see another old college buddy!

I had a meeting in Jackson Friday and Paige and I have been trying to coordinate our schedules so we could meet up and hang out.  It finally happened!  We had such a fun visit and I miss her just as much and she's only 45 minutes away!

I am a terrible friend!

It was an awesome weekend.
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