August 20, 2014

Stat Update

Well, Little Sister had her 3 year old check up yesterday so I wanted to record her stats here!

She is wonderfully healthy and I'm super thankful for that.  We haven't even seen the Dr. in quite some time!

She is growing right on schedule and is achieving all her milestones.

She weighs 33 pounds and is 38 inches tall.  She is in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th for height. I have tall children!  She has grown an inch since April!!!!! STOP TIME!

She is loving her 3K class so far.  They just got new playground equipment (FINALLY, thank you!) and she wants to go get on that all the time.  Her Big Sister is doing after school at the same daycare she's at so they both enjoy that.  We've really been pleasantly surprised by this program!  There is a retired teacher that helps them all with their homework before they can go play, which frees up our time at home to play and read!  Worth every $7.30 I pay per day!!!!

On that note, we measured Big Sister last night so she wouldn't feel left out.  She weighs 80 pounds and is 4'4 now.  And yeah, she's 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far, Big Sister is loving 2nd grade. She was pretty pumped (as were we) that she tested into GATES. For those that don't' know, that's our school district's Gifted Program. Neither her Mother or Father were in Gates so I guess she inherited Grandparent's smarts!  This program fits her well as they challenge them to do more and be creative.  I'm excited to see how she flourishes!

That's about it for my girls!  They are growing like weeds and eating me out of house and home.  At least one of them eats like a teenage boy.  I won't name any names.

And they are still best friends. Most of the time.

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