June 1, 2014

The Greatest Day

When I became a Mom, it was never more apparent to me that one of the main goals in the lives of my children would be their salvation.  We all, as Christians,  have a responsibility to help bring the lost to Christ, for their eternal salvation in Heaven.  I've never been good at witnessing and sharing my faith with people.  Most of my friends are already Christians.  I knew this was an area I struggled with.

About a year ago, my oldest started asking lots of questions about salvation.  She's been going to church since she was about a month old or so. It's important to us as a family.

We have talked about it on and off over the past year.  I was afraid she was too young and didn't really truly understand it all.  Then, something happened in our children's department the last few months.  We've had 7 kids get baptized!  

One Wednesday night, she came up to me and told me Mrs. Kati (their teacher, our children's director) needed to talk to me. She then told me she wanted to get baptized.  I was so ecstatic!  Still, I was leery.  Does he really get it?  Is she just wanted to do because all her friends are doing it?

So we made an appointment to talk with the preacher one Sunday morning.  She asked questions that some 40 year olds don't ask! That's when I knew she truly GOT IT.  She asked Jesus into her heart right then and there. I may have cried just a bit.

That same day, she made her public profession of faith. She was so nervous but she was BEAMING.  Her smile said it all.

On May 18, 2014, she was baptized.  In the same baptistery that I was baptized in many years ago.  And yes, I cried. 

We are thankful for childlike faith! I hope she continues to grow in her love for the Lord and for other people. She has such a giving heart that makes me proud. Most days.