May 16, 2014

New York City! Day One

I started this post over a month ago.  Then I decided that it really needed to be smaller posts.   I'm sorry it has taken me so long!

I just want to briefly recap my trip to New York City.  This was my first time there and it was amazing.  It was jam packed and cold and pretty wet but was worth every moment.

We flew out on a Thursday and make it to NYC around 3:30.  We already had a shuttle arranged to take us to the hotel.  That was experience #1.  James was our driver and it was, um, interesting.  You kind of fear for your life in a cab in NYC.  We also played our own version of Cash Cab!

We got to our gorgeous hotel in Times Square and checked in.  We found our rooms. Mine was on the 48th floor. There were 50 total.  It was really nice.

Our view from the hotel from the 47th floor (and behind the glass).

And the front.

Once the rest of the group showed up, we changed clothes and headed out to dinner at Scarlatto's.  Atmosphere was nice but food was so so.


After dinner, we headed out for some sightseeing on the way to Rockefeller Center.

Times Square


If you know me, you know of my love for all things Jimmy Fallon.  We didn't have time to go to a taping (and every show is sold out for a solid YEAR) so I had to settle for this and a T-shirt.

This was in the lobby of "The Rock."  We headed up to the top for a night view of the entire city.

 After a crazy ride up to the top of Rockefeller Center (and all the while looking for Jimmy), we arrived!  MAN, it was COOOOLLLD all the way up there.  All I kept thinking about was how U2 just performed there a few weeks before!
That would have been awesome.

 Just proof I was there!


There was lots of talk abut Godzilla and fear of heights and people watching!  I would definitely tell you to make this a priority if in NYC!

 Yep, that's what we went to the top of!

And if you go during the day, you might get photobombed by Jimmy and his friends!

After we made the trek back down, a few of us went sightseeing some more.  

The ice rink at Rockefeller Plaza.  We saw a couple get engaged here.  It was awesome!

Then we got lost, or turned around, on the way back to the hotel.  But, we made it safely and went off to dreamland.
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