May 30, 2014

1st Grade

Well, my kid managed to survive the 1st grade. And with flying colors! To the tune of all A's.

I've watched her grow so much this year.  She might have (ok not might, does) her moments with me but when she's at school, she's kind and respectful and such a sweet and helpful kid.  Her teachers this year gave her high praise.


I cannot be more proud.  Especially after the struggles of kindergarten.  It turns out, she just needed the right person to keep her busy and interested yet on track with discipline.  Her teacher and assistant kept her in line and kept her so motivated.

I'm not sad this year is over (hello summer and NO homework fights!) but I am sad that she will be leaving them and moving on to 2nd grade.

She got an award for having all A's this semester, which means all A's for the year, and she reached the 30 point club for AR.  She was also the highest point person for AR in her homeroom, which meant she got a medal.  I think she was the most proud of that!

She also had a great role model to look up to this year.  Her class paired with a 5th grade class as 'Buddies' (for her, her 5th grade buddy).  Her name is Madison and I've known her Mom for years.  I went to school with her.  From elementary to high school.  They went to the YMCA together last summer so they knew each other but over the year, they have formed such a sweet friendship.  I'm so glad she has someone like Madison to look up to. She is the picture of grace and kindness and respect.  I absolutely loved this program.

While on the subject of school, if you saw my FB post earlier, you saw me announce that our school, along with another in our district, were chosen as Lighthouse schools.  Both have been doing the Leader In Me program for 2 years.  As you can see from the map here, there are only 88 Lighthouse schools across the world (not just the US) and we have 2 right here in my hometown.  Plus, we are the only 2 in the state of MS!  Who can say that?  I'm so honored!  And thankful I live in a city that cares so much about their children's education.

So, now I welcome summer (ok maybe not the oppressive heat)! We have camps, Bible school and plenty of fun stuff planned.  Bring it on!!
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