January 12, 2014


On this day 7 short years ago, I was headed to the hospital for a non-stress test with hopes of staying in the hospital and delivering a healthy baby girl.  My BP was high and I was miserable.  Which I thought I was. Until I was pregnant with #2 IN THE SUMMER. That's a game changer.

Since my BP was up, my Dr. decided it was time for baby to come.  I was 37 weeks to the day.  I was a little nervous about inducing so early but I felt that I was in the right place if anything were to happen.  And she stood a better change outside my body, rather than in. She and I both at this point.  I'm lucky to have so many friends who decided to grow up and be Labor and Delivery nurses.  I always thought it would be weird having friends all up in my 'business' but it was actually very comforting.  I had LOTS of questions. They were there for me through it all, as I'm sure any nurse would be, but for me, it was extremely comforting.  Plus, those friends get to watch my child grow up via in person, FB, IG, etc.

I remember that morning vividly.  I had cherrios for breakfast and a piece of peanut butter toast, with hopes that I would not be eating again until late in the day.

After an afternoon filled with firsts and not having a clue about any of it, my first child was born at 4:43 pm, January 12, 2007.  That seems like ages ago by date but in real life, it was 2 weeks ago.

We've come a long way baby!

We didn't have a clue as to what we were doing when we first brought home our bundle of joy.  We knew what people had told us, but nothing can prepare you.  Especially for how your body reacts to the lack of sleep.

So here we are, 7 years later.

She has a beautiful smile, but a total SASSY side.  She's a solid 70 pounds.  Yep.  And is about 4 feet and 2 inches tall.  She's so big for her age but she's perfect to us.

She can read really well but is not super confident about it and is easily distracted (squirrel?).  She's sooooooooooooo full of energy that it almost kills me.  Last Saturday, we went swimming for 2.5 hours, then she wanted to run on my treadmill and then go riding her bike around the neighborhood.  She's a SLAVE DRIVER.

She makes friends easy (which makes me so happy).  She is a HUGE tomboy.  She's a people pleaser (no clue where that came from...).

She's so smart!  They don't get 'grades' in kindergarten so I wasn't sure how to judge her progress.  In 1st grade, they are graded A-F.  So far, she's made all A's for the entire semester (2 nine weeks).  After seeing the small number of kids in her class on the stage during awards day for making All A's, it was humbling.  She was one of maybe 7 or 8.  Common Core is not perfect but it's all she's ever known, as they started teaching it last year in kindergarten.  She's used to it.  While, I don't agree with parts of it (have you seen these math problems?), there are things I do agree with.  To each his own.

I've watched her faith grow tremendously in the past year.  We've had many talks about Jesus being in your heart.  I don't think she completely understands it all so I've encouraged her to talk to some others in the church.  The older she gets, the deeper the questions get.  And I promise you, the questions in general get more frequent.  Kids are NOSY!

While it's been fun watching her grow, it has not been fun disciplining her.  Oh my laws at the sass.  She doesn't treat anybody else the way she treats her mother.  Some days (ok, maybe a lot), she acts like a hormonal teenager and it makes me want to commit myself!  I'm hoping it's just a phase and I know I'm teaching her the right things but MAN, can it be frustrating.  

Yet, through it all, I wouldn't change it for the world.  I look forward to seeing what the next year brings.  I'm sure the tooth fairy will be a more frequent visitor this year (he? she? only had to come twice last year).

Oh, and she reads to the Principal in a few weeks and is a tad bit nervous.  She's such a good reader but lacks that confidence. I'm hoping this will be the boost she needs.

I love watching her with her peers at school and elsewhere.  I was hoping to see that yesterday at her birthday party.  But, me being the MOM OF THE YEAR, shared my strep throat from last week with her.  She started complaining Friday night and we were up and at the Sat. clinic when they opened yesterday.  i was hoping for sinus drainage but was not so lucky.  She got a shot in the behind that she was NOT happy about.  And she is usually my good shot taker, like after her flu shot said, "Was that all? It was nothing."  (I kid you not.)

The Dr. said she could go if she wore a mask and washed her hands frequently but I just didn't feel comfortable doing that to other kids and parents.  So, we decided to postpone.  I was able to get in touch with every invitee except 2.  One came to the party really early and was told about it.  The other one showed up at party time and I was there to tell them we had to reschedule.  Everyone was totally fine with us not sharing!

At bedtime last night, I told her just how lucky she was to be so liked and to have such great friends.  They all sent well wishes for her and most are still going to be able to make the rescheduled party!

Man, what an eventful 7 years we have had!  She was the only child for the first 4.5 years of that time.  I think she would have loved to stay that way too.  But these days, she and her baby sister are inseparable.  It's sooooo sweet, like nothing I have ever seen before. (Which also means, Baby Sister will have strep about Monday..)

(It's rare to find a pic of them NOT together)

She's my buddy, my pal, my friend.  She's also my motivator, my protector, my daughter, my firstborn.

Happy 7th birthday kiddo.  I love you forever and ever and always.

Now, get well soon so we can celebrate!
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