January 23, 2014


Does anybody make resolutions?  I've always heard they are made to be broken. I've never really been a big fan of them.  I like to thing of ways to encourage myself to live be, be better, eat better, etc.

This year, I've seen a lot of people on social media and blogs tell what their 'word' is for 2014.  I like that.  I've been thinking and praying about mine.  

At first, I thought giving was what it was supposed to be.  Then my BFF Lisa invited me to this online Bible study and it's called Intentionally Focused.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.


The definition of intentional is an adjective meaning done deliberately or intended. Deliberate means to be done with full consciousness of the effects or marked with careful consideration.

I know some of you might laugh at this if you know me well enough.  Let's just say sometimes I don't think before I speak or act.  I've gotten better in my 'old' age but part of it is just who I am.

The Bible study I'm doing is an online group of ladies that hold each other accountable.  The study talks about being intentional with you finances, your health, your marriage, your children and more.

The more I read, the more I'm intrigued. 

And the more I'm convicted.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, I've really tried to do everything.  And do it right. Read my Bible daily, eat healthier, exercise, be all to everyone.  You know, what we all strive to do. Right?

I want to make a difference.  In my life, in my kid's lives, in other's lives.

Then, I realize I'm human.

And it's ok if I can't do everything.  I've learned to say NO more.  I've cut way back on extra things I'm involved in.  I sacrifice my time for my kids more.

And no, I'm not perfect.  And don't strive to be.

I just want to be intentional.

The hardest part of that starts with me.

I want to be good at my job.  I want to exercise.  I want to eat right.  I want to read with my kids every night for 30 minutes.  I don't want to be rushed. I want to be the best that I can be.

Then life and reality set in.  I struggle with time management. Yeah, as OCD as I am, I struggle.  

Yet, I've got figure out a way to be intentional with every aspect of my life.  I want and pray that my kids understand salvation and know what it truly means to have Jesus in your heart.  I pray that God will bring them a soulmate (MANY MANY MANY years from now) that is a true man of God.  I want them to know it's ok to be different.  I want them to know that skin color doesn't matter.  I want them to know right from wrong.  I want them to fail at some things so they will learn (whew, tha's tough).  I don't want to push too hard but just enough and that's a FINE LINE my friends.

I want to be able to take care of me.  Would I love to go to the gym every day after work? YES.  But I choose to not sacrifice what little time I have with my kids each and every day for my health.  Sue me.  I just have to make it work when they are sleeping or at school.

I want to be intentional in my meal planning.  And making a budget and sticking to it.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

It seems like SOOOOO much, all at one time.

Baby steps my friends.  Teeny tiny baby steps.

Intentional steps.  Deliberate steps.

Make it all worth something.

So here's to 2014.  It hasn't gotten off to a great start but I know it's going to be awesome.  It's going to be intentional.

And I hope I become a better person because of it.
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