January 11, 2014

2014 so far...

Wow, it's January 11th and I've yet to blog in 2014.  This year has started off rough for us.

First off, this week 3 out of the 4 of us have had strep.  Yep, it was bad.  Made my kid postpone her birthday party so we wouldn't share anymore.  But more on that to come in later posts.

My best friend had some pretty serious surgery yesterday.  She's a very private person so not many people knew about it, until now.  She told me about it the day before Thanksgiving and honestly, it took me a while to process it.  BUT, the surgery was super successful and she should be on her way home from MD Anderson tomorrow, just 2 days after surgery.  Luckily, her stepdad is one awesome doctor (my GP) and her mom is one heck of a nurse (and teacher) so I feel like she's in great hands.

So this whole week, I've tried my best to see the positive in every situation.  Today, it was HARD. Knowing that I was the reason that my daughter wasn't able to attend her own birthday party and won't spend her actual birthday with anyone beyond our 4 walls, it was heartbreaking.  I cried.  I sobbed.  I apologized.  I tended to her (and her still semi-sick male patient father) and a (so far) well 2.5 year old who decided today was the day she wanted to see how many pair of panties she could run through.  Luckily, we started her on preventative antibiotics just in case.  She can't seem to stay away from her Sissy.  It's frustrating and sweet all the same.

But looking back, 2014 can only get better.  You know, my best friend is coming home tomorrow less than 2 days removed from surgery.  And they got it all.  And she's going to be fine.  Which she told me she would be.  But you know, you never know until it's here.  

I'm so thankful for her and her friendship. She came along in my life at a time that was weird for me.  I was craving another best friend here in town (I always have my BFF's outside town).  Luckily, when I got to know her, I gained 2 best friends.  Both of whom are much younger than me.  I say I live vicariously through them and they keep me young!

I'm so thankful for the many doctors in her life.  I'm so thankful that she can put this behind her and move on to other things in her life.  She's had an extremely rough past 2 years. Like, push me to the breaking point and then push a little more rough.  But through it all, I've watcher her grow, her faith, as a woman and in her tenacity to overcome.

Whew, I say all this just to get it all of my chest.  It's been a week and a DAY at my house today.  I'm an emotional roller coaster already because tomorrow I will have a SEVEN year old at my house.  Which means, yes, I had her when I was 15.  Kidding.  It does make a me feel old but I'm loving (mostly) watching the girl she's becoming.  Check back tomorrow for more on that.

So now, I leave you with this.

My healthy BFF.  My hero.  My confidant.  

Isn't she beautiful?  And yes, this was about the week after I chopped off all my hair.  Can't wait to do that again!

And next week is this beautiful lady's birthday!  She and my Dad share the day.  So happy early birthday KMS!!!!  We all love you!

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