December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2

On Friday, we headed out to my in-laws' house for our next Thanksgiving celebration.

She wanted ALL the grandkids to spend the night with them too.  All 7 of them.  2 ended up not being able to come but 5 was enough!

Here are my kids getting ready to go, sleeping bags and suitcases ready.  I think they waited by the door for about 20 minutes!!

After we got done eating a ton of food, Meme had a letter from Jethro the Elf!  She read to all the kids, big and little.  

This was my attempt at a group shot of them all, which is almost impossible.  Plus, 2 grands were missing.



 The infamous fake smile.

 Sibling Love


This above pic may be one of my FAVORITE ever.  My kid LOVES her Uncle Jonathan. I think because he's the only male that will get down in the floor and play with her. Plus, he looks a LOT like her Daddy.

Then we got attacked my ELVES!

And Vikings. 

These 2 did pretty much this all night.

Which also led to this. 

And I'm happy to report Meme and Pawpaw survived their night with 5 grandkids, ages 6 to 2.  In a tent.  In the living room.  Bless them.  We enjoyed our time away from the kids for a night.  I got to do a little shopping Saturday morning before I headed back to pick them up.

We had 2 great Thanksgiving celebrations. We have MUCH to be thankful for.
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