December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 1

We headed over to my parents' house early Thursday morning. My big kid spent the night there Wed. so she and my Dad could 'hunt.'  I use that term loosely because she likes the idea of hunting but not sitting still and being quiet for hours in the COLD.  They actually saw a deer and she made my Dad shoot it but he missed. They found a little blood but apparently he just injured the deer.  I think my kid is like me and it's more about the hunt after the kill!

We had some good food, good company, a little play outside, hide and seek, craft time, naptime for some, movie time while we thawed out, and all around fun time with family.

 Watching a movie in MY old room!

Little Miss Independent

This girl has gotten SOOOO fast on her bike with NO training wheels that it's actually scary.  She LOVES riding.  She's asking for a new bike for Christmas and her birthday, just to make sure she gets one.  

She was 'hiding' and then we were found pretty quickly.


We stayed long enough to eat more and watch the 1st quarter of the Egg Bowl.  We made it home in time to see the 2nd half and OT.  What a game.  It was ugly but it was a W!!!  Bowl bound baby.  Not by much though!  I'll take it!

We had a great 1st Thanksgiving celebration!

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