December 16, 2013

Ring My Bellllllllll

You are welcome!!!

At the beginning of December, our church rang the bell for the Salvation Army's red kettle campaign.  My sister-in-law asked if we wanted to join them for an hour of ringing.  I thought an hour would be easy for the Big Kid and I to handle.

Until the temperature became very North Dakota-ish and raining.  MAN, it was COLD.  Y'all know I love cold weather but geez.  At this was on the 6th of December.  

So, we bundled up in about 5 layers and stood outside at our outlet mall for an hour.

I said he could be Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story!

Mom stayed in the car with the littlest nephew, while the older 2 boys and my oldest girl rang the bell and handed out materials.

We handed out some Spanish materials and didn't even know it!

These 3 are good at giving stuff to people!  The whole hour, we might have raised $5 but it was a good lesson in helping others.  Especially since it was soooo cold, we told them we were there to help people that might not have as many warm clothes as we do.

I think I've finally thawed out from that day.  Bless the people Up North!
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