December 20, 2013

Date Day

I totally forgot to post about this after it happened.  Too many other things going on I guess.

The weekend of Thanksgiving, I took Big Sister on a date day.  I totally had ulterior motives.  I wanted to see Frozen too!  Plus, I needed to run a few errands. We took Baby Sister to my parents and then headed to the theater, after a stop at the convenience store for candy stash (hey, I'm cheap!).  

We had a GREAT time at the movie, where I was not allowed to take any pics of her, or us.  She's 6, going on 18 you know.

After the movie, I told her we eat at her pick.  She debated between DQ, Newk's, and Mazzio's.  Pizza ultimately won out.  We ran into some buddies, the Henry crew, while we were there so it was a good choice. 

She told me not to take any pics, then once I snuck one, she decided she would 'pose' for one.  See below. 

Yep, totally POSED.

After we finished eating, we headed down to the Dollar Tree.  I gave her a crisp $5 bill to spend completely on her sister.  

And yes, that's my girl in pink camo.  She had a cute snowman shirt underneath, but nobody ever saw it except me.

She said here, "I know you are taking pictures."  Yep, BUSTED.
Oh well.

She really debated on some things so I left her to decide while I looked at some other stuff.  She finally picked 4 things since she said she wasn't going to have enough money for 5.  She's smart.

So we paid.

Why does she look soooo grown here?????

"What am I going to do with the change Mama?"
Put it in the red kettle!

By the time she finally picked everything and paid, she was done and ready for the ice cream I promised.

She was very happy with her purchase for her sister!  I can't wait until her sister is old enough to do the same for her!

We'll see if she likes what we picked.

I am glad to be able to teach them about it being better to give than receive.  I read The Joy of Giving Berenstain Bears book to her class this week and told the story above as well.

Happy giving season!
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