December 17, 2013

Christmas Parade

The day after the frigid temps ringing the bell, was our local Christmas parade. The temp was about the same, but the rain had stopped.  

We each had on about 3-4 layers and headed to Downtown.  Holly stayed in the car with the baby but the rest of us braved the cold!  And cold it was.  I've not missed a single Christmas or Mardi Gras parade in about 8 years and this was BY FAR the coldest one ever!!!

Yeah, that's my bro and nephew.  Just in case you couldn't tell!

I didn't take any good pics with my nice camera because my fingers were frozen.  And yes, my baby took her gloves off.  At least we convinced her to put them in her pockets.  Poor thing stood the stillest I've ever seen her!  She was cold.

We had a great time.  It was short and sweet and we quickly headed home for hot chocolate and our PJ's.
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