December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

I had to work Christmas Eve but we were sent home right after lunch because it was super slow.  After a quick lunch with 2 BFF's, I went home and made sure everything was in place to make it easier for Santa that night.

I went to pick up Baby Sister and we headed to meet Daddy and Sissy at church.

I asked her to take a selfie with me in the bathroom before it started.  This is what I got. DISCLAIMER: Y'all know I am NOT all about selfies but I wanted a pic of us and I'm trying to be better about being IN pics with my kids and family.

Gosh, I love her.

Then, we had a nice candlelight service.  The kids somewhat behaved.  When there is no nursery, it stresses me out. My kid likes to talk.  Both of them.  She also made her Daddy take her to potty because she's learned that if you say 'Potty' that you get to leave and go.  When she came back, she announced to all of us that she went potty.  Nice addition to the Christmas Eve service.  Luckily, it wasn't when we were doing the Lord's Supper!

We got a few nice pics in there at some point.


Then, the craziness began.  And by that, I mean craziness and dramatic whining.

My oldest kid almost met her maker this night.  She was soooo wild.  She wanted to hand out the presents and that's Papaw's job.  Then she got mad and cried.  This would be the theme of the night.  Bless her.  She was tired.  That's all I can say.  It straight wore me down.  She missed HALF of the opening presents sitting in my parent's room crying.  You would have thought she was in the terrible 2's stage.

But, other than that issue, we had a great time.  Lots of fun gifts and smiles and giggles to go around.  Sweet Tate stayed awake for the whole crazy show!

Headbanz was a popular present to play with!

After presents, we tried to get a few shots of Mom and Dad with the grands.  We took a few with mad Bis Sister and then got a few more once she was over it.

These were the mad shots.

Then a BOX saved the day.

Then, this happened.


And, then this.

Pretty soon after these pics, we all loaded up and headed out to get ready for Santa.  Big Sister went home with Daddy and Baby Sister and I followed a little while later.

Big Sister went home and spread the reindeer food and set out the cookies for Santa.  Which I promptly did NOT take a picture of.

After the kids went to sleep, Daddy went to work and Santa arrived.  Next up is a post of Christmas Day!
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