December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

Well, Santa made it to out house, despite all the attitude and sassiness (is that a word??) around out house lately.


We didn't go all crazy with presents this year.  Bis Sister got a new bike that she has begged for since she knows how to ride without 'stabilizers' (i.e. training wheels).  She also got a Nexus tablet like I have.  We got her headphones to go with it.  SUCH A GREAT INVESTMENT.  Santa brought Baby Sister a Dora powered 4-wheeler that goes surprisingly slow (for which I am glad), a Sophia dress up outfit, and some baby stuff (high chair, stroller, pack and play set).  They each got a few things from Daddy and I like a Bible, shoes, rubber boots (which were a HIT) and some clothes.  They got some goodies in their stockings too, like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, you know, essentials that Santa knows we need!


With some serious bed head!!!

After we opened all the presents and played for a little bit, the girls and I loaded up and went back to Mom and Dad's so Daddy could go to sleep.  Shift work is the pits, have I mentioned that before???  Well, it is.

The scooter was last year's present.  Her bike would not fit in my car.  Yet again, Santa didn't bring me a nice big SUV.  The kind without a payment too!

Here she said, "Mama, take a picture."  Half the time, she doesn't want me taking them, then the other half, she requests them. I don't get her some days.

We would go inside to warm up and play a game or 2 of Headbanz.  You know, Big Sister is the EXPERT at it since she played it all summer long.

The, we (they) did some puzzles.  Then we'd go back outside for more freezing activity.  

My Dad went hunting and as he does every year, killed another deer on Christmas Day.  Big Sister and I went with him to find it.  I thought she would enjoy that and she was NOT a fan of the cold and dark.  Once we (he) found the deer, all she wanted to do was kick it to make sure he was dead since his eyes were still staring at us!  She also wanted to watch him skin it.  I skipped that part.  ICK!

Then, we headed home for a GLORIOUS full nights sleep.  I'm talking almost 10 hours of sleep people!  The kids both slept even more than that.  We needed to catch up!

All in all, we had a great Christmas.  We were not rushing here or there.  It was simple and we were able to just enjoy family.

We are looking forward to 2014!!!

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