December 18, 2013

Banjo's Dream

Last Saturday, a local celebrity was in town.  Marshall Ramsey was at a local bookstore, reading and signing his newest book, Banjo's Dream.  I've followed him on Twitter and FB for a while and his story is pretty impressive.  Yes, he's related to Dave Ramsey (that's his cousin).

I honestly think I liked it better than my kids.

It was fun seeing friends there though!

After he was finished reading, we headed to the kid's part of the store.  I let Big Sister pick out a book and of course, she picked a Junie B. Jones one.  I'm just thankful she likes to read.

After we picked out our boy and paid for it and Banjo's Dream, we got Mr. Ramsey to sign it for us. He's sooo unbelievably talented. 

I took the book to Big Sister's 1st grade class on Monday and read it to them.  It's so well done!
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