December 23, 2013

Annual Christmas Tradition

For the past few years, we've started a Christmas tradition with my sister in law and my nephews.  We decorate ornaments and cookies!  It's a HUGE mess and she so graciously hosts every year.

The kids have a ton of fun and then burn off some energy while we get a little bit of adult conversation in there somewhere!

My sis in law has more patience than anyone I know.  She takes projects on full steam and does well with it.  I just took over baby duty!

This year, Holly decided to let them dye their flour instead of painting them.  I don't think they cared either way.

 This girl just liked playing in it like a big kid!

Whitt gets the award for messiest and cutest kid!

 "Cheese" face!

Can you tell which ornaments belong to which of my girls????

After we semi-cleaned up, it was time to decorate cookies!

Big Sister, the Extremist!

W liked to eat them.

H is not into decorating. He's a minimalist. 

These giggles are the best part!  The fighting?  Not so much.  And there is always fighting when you are among cousins who are like siblings!

We watched some of the Grinch and then went upstairs to have a 'snowball' fight where the big kids ganged up on me!  And I threw my arm out. HA!.  Whitt came to my rescue! Baby Sister just minded her own business playing with other toys.

I'm not sure who was more worn out.  ME!!!!

It was fun as always.  I'm so thankful for a fun sister in law who doesn't get all worked up by messes!  We sure bring some extra crazy when we come to visit.  But, I sure do love those boys!  

Thanks Holly!!  Oh, and Tony.  He got a call and had to go to the clinic so he missed most of the fun.
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