December 31, 2013


Man, what a year.  I was thinking about it the other night and I'm just amazed at the changes we've gone through.  I've watched my friends go through some tough stuff and come out on the other end.  I've seen my girls grow by leaps and bounds, yet one get moody and pre-teenagerish.  I've gotten to meet another sweet, precious nephew who has to be the MOST adorable and lovable thing in the world.  

So, I might as well recap a few things.

My girls.  My how they have grown!  Big Sister has grown 2 inches this year.  She was already tall so look out world, she's still growing up!  She is now almost 4'2 and in the 1st grade.  She is definitely one of the tallest in all of the 1st graders at her school.  And her school?  We love it.  Her teacher this year has been really wonderful so far. She's a veteran and really challenges them with all this Common Core stuff.

She also lost 2 teeth!!  One at home and one at the BEACH.  How much fun!?

She loves to hunt with her Papaw, unless it's too cold. Which results in NOT hunting a bunch.  I think she just likes the idea of hunting since it's such a tomboyish thing to do.  You know, she doesn't want to do anything girly.  Except, every once in a while, she wants her fingernails painted.

She loves her art!  She loves to write.  She loves to read but has not quite built her confidence to read as much on her own.  And that's ok.  We will.  She's a great reader.

This year though, she's gotten more moody, more feisty, more opinionated.  You know, normal TEENAGE crap.  I'm lucky to have survived her first almost 7 years.  I'm not sure I will the next 7.  Man, it's been tough.  She pitched a fit at the grocery store the other day (after church!) because her sister had all the letters and she didn't have any of them and they were HERS.  OH.MY. WORD.  I wanted to beat her right there by the eggs.  Instead, I gave her one of those looks.  If looks could kill.  Her sister was nice enough to share the stack of paper letters (yes, ones you use for scrapbooking, this is what almost caused the great demise of 2013!).

I don't know if it's hormones or what but I'm going to completely have my hands full with this one.

She also has pretty much lost all her curls.  That's why I'm thinking hormones have something to do with it.  I mean, almost all gone.  It makes me sad.  They still kink up in humid weather but nothing like they used to.  I had been told this might happen, but didn't want to believe it.


And now.

GONE.  Booooohoooooooooo.

She also learned to ride her bike without 'stabilizers' (i.e. common core word for training wheels we say!).

This was in our neighborhood Sunday afternoon.  She really just learned about 3 months ago.  I honestly thought it might never happen. She has to do it on her own terms and time.

And her Sister.  She's the sweetest thing in the world.  She has her meltdown moments but honestly?  They are few and far between.

She is FULL of personality.  She loves music and singing and dancing.  She started a new daycare in November after being with a Grandmother-like sitter and my Mom since she was 7 weeks old.  It's been a ROUGH transition but she's doing really well.  Plus, she's gotten potty trained since being there!  So thankful for reinforcements.  I wouldn't say she's 100% but she's close.  We still have accidents every once in a while and she's still working on #2 but we are close.  And I'm not counting when she's sleeping.  That's a whole 'nother animal.

She talks non-stop now and most of it you can understand.  Some of it is still gibberish though.  

She's a wild woman and rarely sits still unless she's sleepy or watching TV.  She LOVES anything girly or Princesses or babies.  She's definitely the girly girl of my two!  She loves to push her babies in the stroller or feed them in their high chair or put them to sleep and cover them with a blanket.

And you know what she loves most?  Her Sissy.  If she gets hurt or anything, she runs to Sissy first.  She's Sissy's girl!  They fight like cats and dogs but it's sweet to see how much they love and absolutely adore each other.

Tickle fight while Mom attempts to take a pic!

Sharing a honey bun.  That's RARE.

Baby Sister does NOT like for you to leave her.  Unless she's at the grandparent's house, then she makes you leave.  She does not like me leaving her in the nursery at church, although it's getting better.  She does not like me leaving her at daycare, although that was getting better before the holidays but now it's back to the same.  Big Sister did it for a long time so I'm hoping we grow out of it. Soon.

As for the rest of the family, we are pretty boring. Daddy works crazy hours all the time.  I work a bunch but have had a great year!  I am headed to NYC in March for a work/play trip.  I'm going to see Jersey Boys on Broadway and he Rockettes.  I'm hoping I *might* get to a taping on Jimmy Fallon because he's my favorite.  By then, he will be on the Tonight Show, instead of Late Night. 

The hubby and I have booked a cruise for November KID FREE with our BFF's Lisa and Bobby.  I cannot wait as we are going to 4 ports that we've never been to.  It's already halfway paid for so that's exciting too.

2014 better bring it!  Looking forward to more new beginnings and happy endings, not just for us, but for all of you as well.  

I can't send this post without a pic of the newest member of the family.  Just simply because he's the most adorable EVER.  Plus, I feel like I'm looking straight at my brother.

Happy New Year friends!
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