November 2, 2013

Trick or Treat

Well, Mother Nature tried to put a stop to Halloween this year.  It POURED all day.  Like 2 or 3 inches worth of rain!  It just happened to stop around 6 pm, just when trick or treating time was to begin!

We usually go to the church for our Fall Festival but due to the forecast, they cancelled it.  My brother called and invited us to trick or treat in their neighborhood.  My bunco group was also getting together in another neighborhood. It was hard to pick but we went to my brother's for a few reasons.  The main one was I wanted to get my hands on baby Tator Tot.  It's been a week since I last had my hands on him.  I know, that's not long, but for me, it was too long.

He looks thrilled doesn't he?

He and his Mama stayed at home and handed out candy and the Daddies and I took the older ones out.  Little Sister was the youngest and she didn't quite get what her bag was for but she enjoyed saying 'Trick or Treat' and 'Thank you'!  I really think she just enjoyed knocking on doors and speaking to people. She and Whitt are going to be the politician and Mrs. America!

I did manage to snap a few pics.

 Best buds since birth! 

Dorothy, the Mad Scientist, the clown (or lollipop kid) and the cowboy!

Yes, they are holding hands. Be still my heart.  I love these two!  They have gotten to be such good buddies lately.  And that Whitt?  He LOVES his little brother. He's grown up soooooo much over the past few months.

This was our last house.  She is Hayes' teacher.  My kid is not in the picture because this was the house that the two older ones were fighting it out for who was going to ring the doorbell.  It got ugly so I sent mine to the car. Then she got mad at me for not letting her get any candy at that house.  I reminded her that she had plenty of candy already!

Other than the last house, we had a pretty good time.  Except I should have worn rain boots instead of flip flops.

Until next year!
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