November 19, 2013

The Glorious Unfolding Tour

Many many months ago, my friend Carrie text me about a concert coming to her church in November. She told me Steven Curtis Chapman was coming!  I was so excited.  His cassette was the 1st Christian tape I ever bought!  Yes, I know. I'm old.

He's a legend in Christian music!  He's been singing for like 30 years!  He's had 18 albums I think he said.  He's won numerous awards!

Needless to say, I was in!  I bought tickets for my mother and father in law as birthday presents.  She added 2 more for other grandkids and I bought 2 for me and Big Sister.

So, Saturday night, we loaded up and met them at a Mexican place to eat supper before the concert. Great food, slow service.  We were stuffed.

After dinner, we headed to the church to find a seat for the concert.  We sat in almost the exact same place we sat when we saw Mandisa there many months ago. BTW, look at the pics of my MIL at the Mandisa concert and then look at the pics below. She's done a fantastic job of losing weight and looks AH-mazing!

Steven Curtis Chapman came out and sang the first song of the night!  Saddle up your horses for any of you SCC fans!

 Up next was Jason Grey.  If you don't know anything about him, just know he's pretty awesome.  I love his songs.  He has a speech impediment that causes him to stutter.  Talk about courage to get up on the stage every night and talk and sing.  The stutter goes away when he sings.  He was pretty funny too!

Then he and Laura Story sang together.

Then SCC joined them!

Then it was Laura Story's turn!  She's just amazing!

This is her 15 month old Josey.  Her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor in their first like 6 months of marriage.  It's been a hard road but he's back coaching baseball!

SCC came and sang with her on her song, Blessings.  Wow, just WOW.

I have video of all this too but this post is already long enough.

Then it was all his turn!

He talked a lot about his family and his ministry of adoption. He made us all cry talking about what his family has been through over the past 5 years.  And yes, he sang Cinderella and I boohooed.  Like a baby.

They did a little bluegrass picking and grinning.  One of our favorite songs!

He talked a lot about his family.  Such an amazing man!

There is so much more I could say about this night. It was wonderful.  I think the kids really enjoyed it too.  Mine didn't like that SCC talked so much but overall, she enjoyed it.  And we didn't even have to wear the headphones when it got too loud for her!

I'm so glad I have a concert buddy now.  I can't wait until the next one, whenever and whoever it may be!
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