November 3, 2013

My Walking Buddy

Since my workplace has become a 'Healthy Workplace' with Blue Cross, we've all tried to do a little better with eating and exercising.  

I've always found it hard to exercise while working full-time and being a Mom too.  Last week, I decided that my oldest is almost 7 and that she might enjoy burning some energy!  So last Friday, I took her to the Park with me.  She enjoyed taking pictures and running all over the place.  We walked 2.63 miles (and jogged some) but she probably did 3 miles as she veered off course many a time!

We went back the other day, but only managed to get in 2.23 miles before it started raining. 

I can honestly say that I enjoy this time with her.  We talk about what is going on at school, what she is talking about at church, and anything that is important to her, without the interruption of a 2 year old.

With the time changing next week, I'm hoping we can still continue to do this.

Here are some pics from our times so far.

One of her teachers is ahead of us.  Actually, she had just passed us and somebody does NOT like getting passed!

A few furry friends we saw, if you can see the baby deer and her Mama.


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