November 11, 2013

Am I Crazy?

Ok, don't answer that.  I know the answer already!  We are all a little crazy.

During my lunch break today, I was sitting at a red light.  As I sit at red lights, I look around at all the other people driving by or sitting at the light too.  

I think and wonder about what they are thinking about.  Yeah, kinda creepy.  I wonder if they are on their lunch breaks too or if they are just headed out for an errand.  I wonder if they are happy or sad or stressed like most of the world.

I remember when my best friend's mom passed away 3 and a half years ago.  We were sitting outside the ICU at University in Jackson.  I was looking out the window at all the people coming in or out of the hospital.  There were people in scrubs, regular people, kids, a little bit of everything.  

I remember thinking time was moving in slow motion.  I remember the feeling that those people outside the window were just having a normal day.  They were going to or from work or going for a Dr. appointment or going to see a friend who just had a baby.  Their lives were seemingly normal.

Yet, inside my friend's family's world was falling apart.  She was the glue that held it all together and she was about to depart from this world.

That was the first time I really understood what it was like to go through a terrible loss.  She was like a 2nd mother to me and many others.

I will never forget any feeling from that day in the hospital.

I think about that when at a stoplight.  Is this just a normal day?

We know it's never a normal day.  There are people everywhere hurting, desperate, angry, sad, etc.  Yet, there are so many who are happy and carefree and helping others.

I'm just the weird one that wonders what all is going on in their head!
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