October 7, 2013


My brain has been on overload lately.  Between tons going on at work, government shutdown (luckily has not affected me but has many friends), busy home life, spending 2 days in the bed with strep last week, my poor sweet sis in law got shingles after having Tate, and many many many other things, I feel like I'm being pulled in a gazillion different directions.

But you know what?  This too shall pass.  It's only temporary.  

I started a small group two weeks ago that is super thought provoking and is all about stepping on your toes and getting you out of your comfort zone.  I really, really like it though.  It's called Not a Fan.  Are you a fan or follower of Christ and why?  Yeah, it's tough but sooooo well done.  I can't wait for Sunday nights to come!

In the meantime, I've found no time to blog. Shame on me, I know.  But here are some sweet Tate and family pictures to keep you going.  That's all anybody wants to see anyway!

We went over for a while on Friday and I finally got to feed this little stinker.  He's so cuddly and adorable and laid back for a newborn anyway.

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