September 4, 2013

Vacation Day 7

So, I totally dropped the ball on blogging the last day of our trip.  So here you go! Not that a single one of you care!

Well, today was our last full day at the beach.  We decided we would make the kids enjoy the BEACH since that is where we were.  I think next year, we just need to go somewhere with a pool, or 5.

It rained off and on a bit but never got bad enough to do anything.  The girls and I ventured out to the inside pool (seriously, this place has 5 pools!) while Daddy went to get him a big Hazel's buffet style breakfast.  If you know Orange Beach, you know Hazel's.  I won a trip through my first job (when we were still newlyweds) to OB, but it was in February.  We went because why not?  Of course, it was around Valentine's and we had never been to OB.  We decided to try this place called Hazel's since the sign said seafood buffet.  We walked in and I was given a single read rose, nice touch.  Then we were seated and as we looked around, we realized we were the YOUNGEST in there by at LEAST 30-40 years.  And we were 23!  They had a nice band playing love songs and some people dancing, but we ate (it was good if you like fried) and hightailed it out of that joint.

After the skies cleared up, we headed to the sand!  We tried to spend as long as possible out this day, knowing it was our last!

Baby Sister is a Daddy's girl sometimes.  She was walking in his footsteps.


In case you didn't notice, in the above picture, Big Sister is jumping over the 'fence' she built. Would be a great shot if those random beach walking people weren't in it.

If you look closely in this above pic, you can see a head, or the top of one. She finally got comfortable enough with the sand on the last day to get buried, or semi-buried.

The next day we left in the POURING down rain.  It was, for the most part, an uneventful trip home.  Thank goodness.

We had a great time yet again at Orange Beach and SeaChase.  I'm so glad we were able to spend some quality family time away and with our moms!
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