September 19, 2013

Thanks friends!

Thanks for those who offered advice and encouragement.  I know when the hubby is working the 3-11 shift (he is off now!) that it's the hardest.  I just have to put my head down and get it done.

Just a few things.  We try to stick to the 1 activity rule.  While Big Sister does art and soccer, that's not really 1 thing.  Art is right after school and before I get off work so I don't count that one so much.  Soccer is only 1 hour during the week and 1 hour on Saturday.  She loves it and we will continue as long as she is enjoying it. She wants to try softball in the spring so we'll see how that goes.  She's so my child.

One area I'm not willing to compromise is church.  We will be at church on Wednesday nights, even if it stresses me out or pushes bedtime back.  We've done it for so long now that we have a routine about it.  I try to always pack a PB&J sandwich for kids to eat in the car between work and church.  If not, I run by Wendy's or something similar.  I don't stress about that.  We are good at doing homework in the car.  I would cut soccer out before I cut church out.

I've come to grips with the fact that my kids won't be in bed by 7 or even 8.  I can deal with that.  Those people who get their kids in bed by 7:30 on weeknights or whatever sure are lucky!  That just doesn't work for me.  I want my kids to be able to jump on the trampoline for 10 minutes before supper or bath time.  I want to be able to spend some time with them, after them being with someone else for 9 hours.  They might send me to the cuckoo barn but I won't be there alone.  I'm sure I'll know many people in the padded cell rooms.

We also do church on Sunday nights.  Yes, we don't get home until 7:30 or so but it's worth it.  We don't have it every Sunday.  I know this is the beginning of the week and my kids should be in bed early and ready for the week.  I feel like getting them spiritually ready is more important that 10 hours of sleep.

Just my opinion.  You don't have to agree.  I just realized after posting that and then reading the comments that I have it more together than I thought.  This is just temporary too.  This too shall pass.  And it will.  As long as I don't have to stay long at said cuckoo barn!

Also, I'm not knocking any of you either!  I was just stating my side because I can!

I did to a better job of just overall planning this week, so far anyway.  I was able to cook 2 meals on one night, granted one was in my crock pot and one was at 10:30 at night, but it lasted for a few days.  Plus, I was able to freeze one meal for my sis in law who is having my latest nephew next Wednesday.  I felt very accomplished until after the kids went to bed last night. I just crashed in my recliner and watched Survivor and Duck Dynasty because I was exhausted and mentally done with the day.  You people that get to bed by 9 or 10, how do you get anything done?

So here's some sweetness to end this post!

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