September 20, 2013


Big Sister had her first friend sleepover last Friday.  She's spent many a nights at my parents or my in-laws or with cousins but she's never had a sleepover with a friend.

Well, technically this friend is a cousin too but it's too far down the line to really count!

I asked the hubby when would be a good time to have this sleepover and his only request was when he wasn't there!  So of course, he was at work.  For most of it.

I picked these 2 up from school and let them burn some energy off at the playground with some other friends.  Then we ran home to change clothes and headed back to Newk's for my birthday supper.  Whew.  Little Sister was NOT having it.  I ended up walking her around outside.  My sweet and awesome mother took over when she was done eating so I could finish my sandwich.  I don't think we'll be visiting any restaurants that don't have a playground for a while.

These 2 LOVE to color.

And be silly.

After supper, we headed back home and they went outside to jump while I got Little Sister ready for bed.

All I could hear were giggles and songs being made up about hummingbirds?  It was pretty funny!

This girl was NOT all about sharing her sister.  I was surprised.


After it got too dark to jump, they stayed out there and just laid on the trampoline, still making up songs. 

This one got a bit happier at some point.  But had NO desire to go to sleep.

I finally got the little one to sleep around 9:15.  The older 2 were content to watch movies in Big Sister's room.  I would hear giggling at random times.  One finally crashed about 10:30 (wild but I'll take it).  My kid didn't go to sleep and then came to tell me her friend was hogging the bed and snoring so loud that she could not sleep.  I tried to tell her that was part of it all but she wasn't having it.

So finally at 11:15 or so, Big Sister went to sleep on the couch.  Until she sneezed and ended up with the world's worst nose bleed.  Like, looked like a crime scene in my house kind of nose bleed.  We are used to this as my brother and I both had them growing up.  This was one of the worst she's ever had though.  She proceeded to FREAK out, rightly so, but then I got it to stop and she chilled. I think she was just exhausted.  I think she finally went to sleep about midnight.  Around 2, Little Sister woke up, waking up Big Sister.  Yeah, Mama was tired.  And our guest?  Slept right thru it all.

After some sleep, we all got up and went to get donuts.

After the donut trip where these girls PUT AWAY some donuts, we went back home. Since the weather was amazing, we headed back outside to jump and play.  I was still surprised that my girls preferred each other more than their friend at times.

All in all, I honestly thought it was going to be loud and giggly all night long.  I could not have been more wrong.  It wasn't bad at all.  I think they all had fun!  We loved having our friend over and hope we get to do it again!

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