September 24, 2013

Santa List

Just in case Santa reads my blog, I wanted to post a few things that have been on my wish list.

1)  Any apparel from the College World Series.  Size L or XL.  I sure wish I could get one that says National Champions - MSU on it.  Well, I am sure they were printed but since it didn't quite happen, it might not be the best idea to get.  Some kids in Indonesia might be wearing those one day.

2)  A watch.  I need a good watch.  One that a. works and b. looks decent c. doesn't have a ton of bling or a big face on it.

3)  Mary Kay gift certificate.  I recently went back to using my MK since I have a reliable friend actively selling it.  I wasn't happy with my Cover Girl replacement so I'm glad I switched back.

4)  All the money in the world so I could give some away and travel some.  Seriously.  Well, money is nice.  We are planning a trip for Nov. 2014 and would sure love to have it paid for in 2013!

5)  World peace.  Sorry, I had to. Even though all the interview questions at Miss America this year were about twerking, sexting, and Syria!  GEEZ.

Well, tomorrow baby Tate McEwen Loper will make his grand entrance.  I cannot wait to get my hands on him tomorrow afternoon.  And most every day after that! Stay tuned for pictures.  Ok, TONS of pictures.
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