September 15, 2013

Parenting Advice

I have cringed at the idea of this post since school started.  Ok, maybe since vacation was over and we were actually in a school routine.

Does anybody else out there feel like they have ran a marathon every single night?  After getting up at 5:30, getting myself and 2 girls ready to go, working 7-9 hours a day, picking up a car rider, delivering kid to art camp, picking up sister at the sitter's,, coming home at 5:30 or 6 if we don't have soccer practice, cooking, eating, bathing, homeworking, reading, then finally getting 2 in bed, then fixing lunch and getting cups ready for the next day, cleaning my house (Who am I kidding? Ok, laundry HAS to be done), feeding the dog, planning for the next day's marathon, and many many more before getting into bed at 11 or 12, I'm exhausted!  I know I am not alone.

Here's where I need advice.  When the hubby is working certain shifts, he's not much help at home. Not knocking him, just stating the facts.  He's at work at least 1 week out of the month during bedtime routine.

Needless to say, I'm doing it all.  I'm not complaining (ok maybe just a bit), I just know I need to do some things differently.

How do you do things at your house?  I used to read with Big Sister every night before she went to sleep.  Last year, her sister was asleep by 8 every night so we had time after she went to bed.  This year?  Not so much.  And Little Sister is in that stage of getting out of her bed every 5 minutes for some reason.  So I go put her back in  the bed about 11 times before she realizes I am serious and not letting her out.  Or getting her more milk.  

This seriously takes away from reading time.

I've contemplated asking to go semi part-time at work so I could leave at 3:30 when school gets out and not come back.  We could come home and start on homework, supper, etc.  I haven't done it for many reasons.  I would potentially lose some great health insurance.  Plus, when the hubby is on certain shifts, Sister can ride the bus.

I just feel like there is someone (or many!) out there that have dealt with this.  Pretty much on a daily basis.

I want to be able to make the most of my time.  But, I'm tired of feeling rushed and always telling my kids to hurry up.  This school year has been so much better so far that I feel like I don't have to be AS strict about Sister being in bed and asleep by 8:30.  Would I like that to happen every night?  Yes!  but it's not realistic when we don't get home some nights until after 7 or 8.

I know some of you out there have some tips on ways to not make me a crazy woman by 9 or 10 pm every day!

So this is my unselfish plea for your advice!!  This is a tough one for me to admit since I think I'm superwoman and can do it ALL.

And I would be remiss to say that I am SUPER lucky to have a great and super awesome family unit supporting me.  I couldn't do any of it without them.  They babysit, they carpool, they sit in the car with a sleeping kid in between soccer games, they just generally help out a TON.  I can't thank you all enough!

Ok, now go...
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